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Positive:   Cancer fight ↓12.7   Country: Israel ↓10.15   Medicine ↓1.88 «See more»   Disease: Kidney ↑6.98   Dermatology ↑6.98   Pharmaceutical  ↑8.76


Disease: Liver segment

AKRO TR» TW» GGL» QAkero Therapeutics, Inc. - Common Stock + My List -3.33% down 8.32% -11.65 + Disease: Liver, Medicine

BIVI TR» TW» GGL» SBioVie Inc. - Common stock + My List 0.36% up -8.33% 8.69 + Medicine, Disease: Liver

CARA TR» TW» GGL» GCara Therapeutics, Inc. - Common Stock + My List 6.98% down 9.48% -2.5 + Medicine, Disease: Kidney, Disease: Liver, Skin, Dermatology

Last highlighted: Form 8-K: Regulation FD Disclosure. On April 29, 2021, Cara Therapeutics issued a press release announcing topline.. $CARA https://t.co/cUtiqqrXat
DCTH TR» TW» GGL» SDelcath Systems, Inc. - Common Stock + My List -23.77% up -24.88% 1.11 + Cancer fight, Medicine, Disease: Liver

Last highlighted: $DCTH 📜 SEC Form 10-K filed by Delcath Systems, Inc. https://t.co/wf0x9HPAI9 #healthcare
DRRX TR» TW» GGL» SDURECT Corporation - Common Stock + My List 2.29% down 7.43% -5.14 + Biopharma, Disease: Liver, Medicine

Last highlighted: $DRRX New Form 8-K for DURECT Corporation From our Stock News Alerts App
ETNB TR» TW» GGL» G89bio, Inc. - Common Stock + My List 3.06% down 9.6% -6.54 + Biopharma, Disease: Liver, Medicine

GALT TR» TW» GGL» SGalectin Therapeutics Inc. - Common Stock + My List -1.62% down 8.11% -9.73 + Cancer fight, Disease: Liver, Skin, Medicine

Last highlighted: FORM 8-K [Press/News Current Report] recently SEC filed. $GALT $PRWP $GALTU $GALTW GALECTIN THERAPEUTICS INC https://t.co/BT17VmuspR
GLMD TR» TW» GGL» SGalmed Pharmaceuticals Ltd. - Ordinary Shares + My List -10.15% down -8.31% -1.84 + Disease: Liver, Biopharma, Country: Israel, Medicine

Last highlighted: Galmed Pharmaceuticals Ltd current quarter revenue growth YoY of 96.40% ranked 256 out of 5424 companies in our database. https://t.co/R7UW3RpPpw $GLMD 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 https://t.co/HVbvEgerWf
GNFT TR» TW» GGL» QGENFIT S.A. - American Depositary Shares + My List up -9.75% 9.75 + Biopharma, Disease: Liver, Medicine

ICPT TR» TW» GGL» QIntercept Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Common Stock + My List 7.43% down 7.58% -0.15 + Pharmaceutical , Medicine, Biopharma, Disease: Liver

TERN TR» TW» GGL» QTerns Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Common Stock + My List 10.09% up 9.32% 0.77 + Biopharma, Pharmaceutical , Disease: Liver

Last highlighted: $TERN 8-K Terns Pharmaceuticals (14 Jun, 4:40pm) 📰 Terns Reports Positive Top-line Results from Phase 2a LIFT Study of FXR Agonist TERN-101 in Patients with NASH https://t.co/wJNwFxLOZw #TERN #8K #TernsPharmaceuticals #News

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