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Positive:   Software ↓1.21   Urbanism ↑0.78   Country: China ↑0.78 «See more»   Agritech ↑20.35   Equipment ↑20.35   Expertise ↑20.35

Negative:   China company (fight) ↑0.78   Bad infrastructure  ↑10.28

Rent segment

CAR TR» TW» GGL» QAvis Budget Group, Inc. - Common Stock + My List 5.57% down 7.84% -2.27 + Auto, Rent

Last highlighted: Tracking Larry Robbins' Glenview Capital Management Portfolio - Q4 2020 Update
HYRE TR» TW» GGL» SHyreCar Inc. - Common Stock + My List 4.99% down 9.09% -4.1 + Auto, Rent

NTWK TR» TW» GGL» SNETSOL Technologies Inc. - Common Stock + My List -1.21% down 7.86% -9.07 + Auto, Software, Rent

QK TR» TW» GGL» GQ&K International Group Limited - American Depositary Shares + My List 0.78% down 9.38% -8.6 + Rent, Urbanism, Country: China, Real Estate
- China company (fight)
TITN TR» TW» GGL» QTitan Machinery Inc. - Common Stock + My List 20.35% up 15.88% 4.47 + Agritech, Equipment, Rent, Expertise

Last highlighted: $TITN 📜 Titan Machinery Inc. filed SEC Form 8-K: Results of Operations and Financial Condition, Financial Statements and Exhibits https://t.co/q72o5vodJ6 #consumerservices #otherspecialtystores
TRUE TR» TW» GGL» QTrueCar, Inc. - Common Stock + My List 10.28% down 10.64% -0.36 + Auto, Loan, Rent
- Bad infrastructure

Last highlighted: Alert [Press/News Current Report] / Form 8-K filed with the SEC $TRUE #TrueCar, Inc https://t.co/St4ldmAaBP

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