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Positive:   Food ↓6.82   Farm ↓0.82   Manufacturing  ↓0.82 «See more»   Medicine ↑28.62   Biopharma ↑45.43   Biotechnology ↑45.43

Negative:   Bad infrastructure  ↓0.82

Pets segment

KIN TR» TW» GGL» SKindred Biosciences, Inc. - Common Stock + My List 45.43% down 45.74% -0.31 + Animals, Biopharma, Biotechnology, Medicine, Pets

Last highlighted: #KIN SEC report: Kindred Biosciences, Inc. Definitive proxy statement relating to merger or acquisition
SEC Filing Form DEFM14A filed by Kindred Biosciences, Inc. -- SEC File Number 211102924
PETS TR» TW» GGL» QPetMed Express, Inc. - Common Stock + My List 11.81% 11.81% 0 + Animals, Medicine, Pets

PETZ TR» TW» GGL» STDH Holdings, Inc. - Common Shares + My List -6.82% up -7.2% 0.38 + Pets, Food, Animals

TSCO TR» TW» GGL» QTractor Supply Company - Common Stock + My List -0.82% -0.82% 0 + Farm, Manufacturing , Animals, Pets, Clothes
- Bad infrastructure

Last highlighted: $TSCO 📜 SEC Form 8-K filed by Tractor Supply Company https://t.co/YcY3sAkQSg
NEBCW TR» TW» GGL» SNebula Caravel Acquisition Corp. - Warrant + My List 12.28% 12.28% 0 + Acquisitions/Investing, Pets, Marketplace

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