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Positive:   Energy Infrastructure ↓8.07   Lighting ↓0.08   Country: Hongkong ↑1.74 «See more»   Smart City ↑3.02   Solar ↑3.02   Expertise ↑3.02


Lighting segment

EFOI TR» TW» GGL» SEnergy Focus, Inc. - Common Stock + My List -8.07% down -3.91% -4.16 + Energy Infrastructure, Lighting

Last highlighted: Filing for 8-K [Press/News Current Report] has been made with the SEC: $EFOI ENERGY FOCUS, INC/DE https://t.co/dkJU7Zw4r9
HIHO TR» TW» GGL» SHighway Holdings Limited - Common Stock + My List 1.74% down 7.27% -5.53 + Country: Hongkong, Manufacturing , LED, Lighting

CONX TR» TW» GGL» SCONX Corp. - Class A Common Stock + My List 0.10% 0.10% 0 + Lighting, Smart City, Solar, Manufacturing , Expertise

CONXW TR» TW» GGL» SCONX Corp. - Warrant + My List 5.93% 5.93% 0 + Lighting, Smart City, Solar, Manufacturing , Expertise

Last highlighted: $CONX 📜 SEC Form 8-K filed by CONX Corp. https://t.co/KMJtK2BOix #businessservices #finance

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