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Positive:   Database ↓6.38   Software ↓6.38   Hardware ↑2.98 «See more»   Clean Energy ↑7.35   IT infrastructure ↑7.35   Country: China ↑7.96

Negative:   China company (fight) ↑7.96

Data center segment

CD Chindata Group Holdings Limited - American Depositary Shares 7.96% up 5.21% 2.75 + Country: China, Hardware, Data center
- China company (fight)
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IPWR Ideal Power Inc. - Common Stock 7.35% up 3.83% 3.52 + Semiconductor, Energy Infrastructure, Clean Energy, IT infrastructure, Hardware, Data center

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STX Seagate Technology PLC - Ordinary Shares (Ireland) -6.38% up -7.25% 0.87 + Software, Hardware, Database, Data center

Last highlighted: Seagate Technology plc 2021 Q3 - Results - Earnings Call Presentation
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