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$ANY: Sphere 3D Corp. - Common Shares

+ IT infrastructure, Hardware

- Bad infrastructure

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ANY 2022-04-25 00:00:341.63 1.60 -1.25%
ANY 2022-04-25 05:00:351.68 1.54 -1.25%
ANY 2022-04-25 06:00:581.57 1.54 -2.50%
ANY 2022-04-25 07:00:101.58 1.54 -3.13%
ANY 2022-04-25 08:00:171.59 1.54 -1.25%
ANY 2022-04-25 10:00:391.59 1.58 0.00%
ANY 2022-04-25 11:00:121.60 1.59 1.27%
ANY 2022-04-25 12:00:121.62 1.61 2.53%
ANY 2022-04-25 13:00:251.63 1.62 3.16%
ANY 2022-04-25 14:00:181.64 1.63 3.16%
ANY 2022-04-25 15:00:151.66 1.65 4.43%
ANY 2022-04-25 16:00:361.68 1.62 3.80%
ANY 2022-04-25 17:00:421.64 1.63 3.80%
ANY 2022-04-25 19:00:431.63 1.60 -1.25%
ANY 2022-04-25 20:00:441.68 1.63 4.38%
ANY 2022-04-25 22:00:231.68 1.60 6.37%

ANY 2022-04-26 05:00:261.77 1.60 6.37%
ANY 2022-04-26 06:00:401.77 1.64 6.37%
ANY 2022-04-26 07:00:131.73 1.65 6.37%
ANY 2022-04-26 08:00:241.73 1.64 6.37%
ANY 2022-04-26 10:00:341.57 1.56 -5.99%
ANY 2022-04-26 11:00:181.55 1.54 -7.19%
ANY 2022-04-26 11:30:13
RT @Breaking911: JUST IN: North Korea’s Kim Jong Un vows to ‘strengthen and develop’ nuclear weapons program, says ‘any forces seeking mili…
ANY 2022-04-26 11:30:14
@Arif_Z @AskPlayStation I strongly suggest you contact macfixit01 on Instagram if you have any issues with your account he helped me out with my issues https://t.co/MKP0T2KVFW
ANY 2022-04-26 11:30:14
RT @Hotjasminexx: Any married or discret men online?
Rt = Yes 🔥 https://t.co/gmNv9z1gBs
ANY 2022-04-26 11:30:15
@TheRealPavlova Irina, Nash has to go. We have to eliminate any & all question marks associated with the franchise. Coaching staff = ?. Performance team = ?. Player hierarchy = ?. I love KAI but there should be a KD 1st, KAI 2nd approach to player involvement. And Tsai has to enforce / lead this
ANY 2022-04-26 11:30:15
RT @BeckettUnite: If a Judge agrees you have been unfairly dismissed from your work, any compensation you receive is still capped at a maxi…
ANY 2022-04-26 12:00:421.54 1.53 -8.38%
ANY 2022-04-26 14:00:201.51 1.50 -10.18%
ANY 2022-04-26 14:30:38
RT @MagicEden: 🚨DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS FROM @abushe7🚨

This profile is posing as us and is scamming our users through a phishing link. I…
ANY 2022-04-26 14:30:38
RT @nooilsnobutter: Your natural hair IS “birthday” hair, “wedding” hair, “holiday hair”. Your natural hair is for any and every occasion.…
ANY 2022-04-26 14:30:39
has any billionaire ever dressed normally https://t.co/uXuxa3GAWD
ANY 2022-04-26 14:30:39
RT @johnhawkinsrwn: @elonmusk I'm conservative and thrilled you're taking over Twitter. It's not because I think you're on my side or are g…
ANY 2022-04-26 14:30:40
@z_fabulous As soon as his buyout of Twitter is finalised that's my account deleted, regardless of any fee's.
ANY 2022-04-26 14:30:40
RT @BestuneGlobal: Past or future? 🤖️
Whether dancing in a European saloon 400 years ago or singing in the cyberpunk world of the future, #…
ANY 2022-04-26 15:00:331.50 1.49 -11.38%
ANY 2022-04-26 16:00:161.50 1.49 -10.18%
ANY 2022-04-26 17:00:161.51 1.46 -11.98%
ANY 2022-04-26 17:30:27
RT @xCeleste___: A big Korean TV network requested to interview me in regards to BTS Mil*tary service but I literally don't have any right…
ANY 2022-04-26 17:30:27
@mayemusk I’m asking you to please think and learn about what happened to the US. The ethics of any field-medicine, sports, technology-takes time. We are behind on the ethics of social media. It’s powerful and we don’t manage it correctly yet. I’m truly scared that Elon doesn’t understand. https://t.co/xWKRFXlv51
ANY 2022-04-26 17:30:28
RT @drandreaj: Today in Chicago, a man stole an ambulance, led the police on an 80-mile chase that caused a highway to shut down during rus…
ANY 2022-04-26 17:30:28
@BloodhuntNews @Bloodhunt Do you have any info about time ?
ANY 2022-04-26 17:30:29
RT @JrMoneyGetting: @brndxq yea no, any woman who listens to as much sosa as me isn’t sane
ANY 2022-04-26 17:30:29
I love how everyone share their rejection stories right here. Rejection hurts, but we don't have any idea that we need rejection more than we think. Rejection is somehow how life telling us to seek another path to get where we want to be. Flower needs rain to grow, right? https://t.co/HjsFIuu6DT
ANY 2022-04-26 19:00:301.68 1.60 6.37%
ANY 2022-04-26 23:00:111.52 1.46 -9.88%
ANY 2022-04-26 23:30:20
RT @frank_seravalli: With SO win, DAL magic number is down to 1️⃣. Any one point gained by #TexasHockey over final two games will clinch pl…
ANY 2022-04-26 23:30:20
#Fanduel Customer Support is awful !!!!!! Can never get any help from chat, no agents to speak too, emailing them is a waste of time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ANY 2022-04-26 23:30:21
RT @declassifiedUK: 👀 Press & speech freedom groups urge home secretary to reject Assange extradition.

"His prosecution would set a dange…
ANY 2022-04-26 23:30:21
@AltcoinWorldcom Once you start investing in low cap gems like $SPHRI there is no turning back clearly the best project that i have researched in a while
Never been so bullish about any project like i m on this on
ANY 2022-04-26 23:30:22
Mohandas karamchand Gandhi killed more hindus than any genocide could. PERIOD.
ANY 2022-04-26 23:30:22
RT @jackieaina: I feel zero guilt about setting boundaries, like none whatsoever. If I say something makes me uncomfortable there is no wav…
ANY 2022-04-26 23:30:23
RT @Books_Not_Wooks: Babe what’s wrong? You barely smoked any of your bluntosaurus. https://t.co/9lUWSkBYeT
ANY 2022-04-26 23:30:23
RT @CornOnTheGoblin: "do you have any pets"
[remembers girls like sensitive guys] a cat
"what's his name"
[remembers girls also like tough…
ANY 2022-04-26 23:30:24
RT @mamaztheguru: I am blessed to always have options... I'm not desperate for any opportunity; if something doesn't feel right, I have the…
ANY 2022-04-26 23:30:24
RT @frank_seravalli: With SO win, DAL magic number is down to 1️⃣. Any one point gained by #TexasHockey over final two games will clinch pl…

ANY 2022-04-27 02:30:19
RT @PortsmouthBTC: This, x100.

I want to KNOW that when I wake up tomorrow my #Bitcoin follows the same rules as it did when I went to sle…
ANY 2022-04-27 02:30:19
RT @PuckCentral: Chris Kreider was emotional tonight winning Stephen McDonald extra effort award. I’m sure there has been someone else, but…
ANY 2022-04-27 02:30:20
Atlanta got the best soundtrack of any show man. Just impeccable. https://t.co/hcwkSFmqxc
ANY 2022-04-27 02:30:20
RT @thevivafrei: Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act because “the situation could not be dealt with under any other law in Canada”.…
ANY 2022-04-27 02:30:21
@DearPrechy @KemiOlunloyo I live in a Christian dominated community in Abuja and their sound systems disturb me almost every midnight. I have never seen any church doing vigil without mic. But hypocrites like you won't talk about that.
ANY 2022-04-27 02:30:21
But I would love you in any form you take.
ANY 2022-04-27 02:30:22
RT @lcvejjong: joshua and any member that needs comforting at the moment
ANY 2022-04-27 02:30:22
Gifting one winner any game of their choice on steam!
To Enter: Like this tweet, Follow my Twitter, Follow my Tw…
ANY 2022-04-27 05:00:201.57 1.44 -9.88%
ANY 2022-04-27 05:30:22
RT @wedi_huluf: #Justice for #tigray:-
Senior officers member's of
🇪🇹ENDF Air Force
pilots and ground crews ethnic Tigrayan
they were detai…
ANY 2022-04-27 05:30:22
An unexpected bonus for your efforts could arrive at any momen... More for Gemini https://t.co/N79GlXIBPv
ANY 2022-04-27 05:30:23
@palikaras Last year he did the same thing and made people believe that the dividend will be 20 , again he is doing the same to save the SP which may go below 1 at any time soon
ANY 2022-04-27 05:30:23
Everybody’s doing this aren’t they? It’s making me feel nervous, I hate change of any kind.

Anyway, that’s me if you fancy following me on mastodon…

ANY 2022-04-27 07:00:151.60 1.52 -4.94%
ANY 2022-04-27 08:00:491.60 1.50 -6.79%
ANY 2022-04-27 09:00:101.52 1.50 -6.79%
ANY 2022-04-27 10:00:261.52 1.51 3.42%
ANY 2022-04-27 11:00:451.45 1.44 -0.68%
ANY 2022-04-27 12:00:201.43 1.42 -2.05%
ANY 2022-04-27 16:00:331.42 1.41 -2.74%
ANY 2022-04-27 17:00:271.51 1.40 1.37%
ANY 2022-04-27 19:01:541.46 1.40 -9.88%
ANY 2022-04-27 20:00:311.51 1.46 -9.88%
ANY 2022-04-27 20:30:05
@howdythere04 @woofwoofslobber @patbwdet What bullshit. In this country, any league that is not major is minor. By any measure, salaries, attendance, results (ALL results, not the occasional one-off upset that's the exception rather than the rule), USL-C is a minor league. Your self-serving opinion doesn't change that.
ANY 2022-04-27 20:30:05
@Jim_Jordan For every follower you get, there are one or two people losing faith and trust in you. People like you, soldiers and cops. You take your Twitter account more serious than any oath you've ever taken. Youre despicable.
ANY 2022-04-27 20:30:06
RT @VsnatchedMySoul: 🔊 Its a brand new day! lets keep streaming & boost our mentions! Drop any #BTSV Taehyung photo or streaming ss along…
ANY 2022-04-27 20:30:06
RT @FryingPan67: #AmberHeard went to dinner with Christian Carino the night of the keith richards thing, when she said #JohnnyDepp gave her…
ANY 2022-04-27 20:30:07
RT @ghost_z_nft: We couldn't wait.⛩

Meet Daiki.

20+ whitelist spots open for this #GHOSTz
Any interactions with this post will be consid…
ANY 2022-04-27 20:30:07
RT @traviesso5: Cual creen que ha sido la verga más grande que me e comido? 😳

Videos en mi Telegram con cualquier medio de pago u para mi…
ANY 2022-04-27 20:30:08
Image type: ass, ecchi, ero, waifu
Image description: l content. Show full to partial nudity. Doesn't show any genital., Any kind of erotic content, basically any nsfw image., A female anime/manga character....
Source: https://t.co/4I0XBFsSC5
#waifu #Waifus #anime #animegirl https://t.co/0mwmvR5qOW
ANY 2022-04-27 20:30:08
@raptalksk any of the songs on the gunna album or denzel album gotta be up there
Denzel probs got album of the year on his hands
ANY 2022-04-27 22:00:161.51 1.42 -0.68%

ANY 2022-04-28 05:00:231.54 1.45 -1.36%
ANY 2022-04-28 07:00:301.48 1.45 -1.36%
ANY 2022-04-28 09:00:271.47 1.45 -1.36%
ANY 2022-04-28 10:00:281.38 1.37 -6.16%
ANY 2022-04-28 11:00:351.35 1.34 -7.53%
ANY 2022-04-28 11:30:15
RT @BenjGives: Pick any prize | 120 minutes

RT + Like, RT & Tag friends on https://t.co/0r3CiDneOe https://t.co/S0MptK7AzK
ANY 2022-04-28 11:30:15
RT @f0rlIo63peusike: @iokinqfragician @Twitter @TwitterSupport @IIlIIliIlIliIII @KTHsVitch @0GOdf4CcT1ViZLv Hi @Twitter @TwitterSupport,
ANY 2022-04-28 11:30:16
@iwaslabour @ClemMinister Yes, I have no problem with any of this. I voted for Labour under Corbyn twice, he still lost. He is no longer leader, Starmer is. What do you think he should do. I think #PR & an Electoral Alliance are reasonable options. Do you agree?
ANY 2022-04-28 11:30:16
RT @anygflew: o noah tava precisando de um chinelo msm, pq o pobre tava usando o chinelo da any https://t.co/f6f6z9Zawf
ANY 2022-04-28 11:30:17
@Smokingskills07 Did any one not give your mum 15 rupiya to buy condom ?
ANY 2022-04-28 11:30:17
eid is on monday (maybe) and i still haven’t done any shopping 🥲
ANY 2022-04-28 12:00:221.34 1.33 -8.90%
ANY 2022-04-28 13:00:231.40 1.39 -4.11%
ANY 2022-04-28 14:00:131.43 1.42 -2.05%
ANY 2022-04-28 14:04:31
Sphere 3d corp "any" is a 100m market cap company that plan on having a 32 EH/s of mining power by 2023.

For comparaison riot blockchain currently has 4.3 EH/s and as a market cap of 1.3 BILLION.

Act accordingly. https://t.co/3bu98416cm
ANY 2022-04-28 15:00:201.45 1.44 0.00%
ANY 2022-04-28 16:00:231.45 1.44 -0.68%
ANY 2022-04-28 17:00:101.45 1.39 -2.74%
ANY 2022-04-28 19:01:251.51 1.42 -0.68%
ANY 2022-04-28 20:00:221.46 1.42 -4.76%
ANY 2022-04-28 22:00:271.46 1.42 -2.10%

ANY 2022-04-29 04:00:231.46 1.44 -2.10%
ANY 2022-04-29 05:00:381.53 1.44 -2.10%
ANY 2022-04-29 06:00:311.53 1.39 -2.10%
ANY 2022-04-29 07:00:171.49 1.39 -2.10%
ANY 2022-04-29 08:00:291.49 1.38 -2.80%
ANY 2022-04-29 09:00:131.51 1.39 -0.70%
ANY 2022-04-29 10:00:171.52 1.51 7.86%
ANY 2022-04-29 11:00:191.46 1.45 4.29%
ANY 2022-04-29 12:00:311.48 1.47 5.71%
ANY 2022-04-29 13:00:141.44 1.42 2.14%
ANY 2022-04-29 14:00:411.42 1.41 1.43%
ANY 2022-04-29 15:00:381.40 1.39 0.00%
ANY 2022-04-29 16:00:121.38 1.37 -1.43%
ANY 2022-04-29 17:00:301.40 1.38 -1.43%
ANY 2022-04-29 17:13:03
🚨 Sphere 3D Corp. filed a 6-K SEC filing mentioning #Bitcoin
➡️ https://t.co/77n727kIWn
ANY 2022-04-29 17:21:11
Form 6-K (report of foreign issuer [rules 13a-16 and 15d-16]) filed with the SEC $ANY https://t.co/H8B458PGDU
ANY 2022-04-29 19:01:051.46 1.42 -2.10%
ANY 2022-04-29 20:00:121.39 1.38 -2.80%
ANY 2022-04-29 23:00:171.39 1.38 -4.14%

ANY 2022-04-30 00:53:38
スフィア3D(Sphere 3D Corp)は、ソフトウェア開発事業を行うカナダの会社である。

スフィア3D( $ANY ) https://t.co/tjnmyr2VOf
ANY 2022-04-30 23:36:07
Sphere 3D Corp.'s quarterly revenue growth rate YoY of -58.90% ranked 3984 out of 5725 companies in our database.

https://t.co/We7EHgqfyW $ANY

🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 https://t.co/V3JRI5Fetu

ANY 2022-05-02 05:00:221.50 1.31 -4.14%
ANY 2022-05-02 07:00:211.45 1.31 -4.14%
ANY 2022-05-02 08:00:191.40 1.31 -4.14%
ANY 2022-05-02 09:00:201.37 1.31 -4.14%
ANY 2022-05-02 10:00:201.42 1.41 1.44%
ANY 2022-05-02 11:00:161.40 1.39 0.72%
ANY 2022-05-02 12:00:331.43 1.42 2.88%
ANY 2022-05-02 13:00:201.41 1.40 1.44%
ANY 2022-05-02 15:00:121.44 1.43 3.60%
ANY 2022-05-02 16:01:001.47 1.45 5.04%
ANY 2022-05-02 16:21:10
Carbon credits
Sphere 3D Corp #ANY
ANY 2022-05-02 17:00:251.45 1.44 4.32%
ANY 2022-05-02 19:00:411.47 1.44 1.38%
ANY 2022-05-02 20:00:301.50 1.45 1.38%
ANY 2022-05-02 22:00:331.50 1.45 8.09%
ANY 2022-05-02 23:30:20
RT @skiz_report: ‼️REPORT AND DON’T ENGAGE BY ANY MEANS (check pinned)‼️

⚠️ Majority of the qrt/comments spreading malicious hate towards…
ANY 2022-05-02 23:30:20
RT @kuudererules: SSIS-365

"What!? We're Gonna Fuck Here?" Sticking Close To Yua Mikami For A Whole Month, Taking Advantage Any Time There…
ANY 2022-05-02 23:30:21
RT @MikeValInvest: Hungary 🇭🇺 should not be in EU and NATO. This country doesn’t share any democratic values. #HungaryOutOfEU
ANY 2022-05-02 23:30:21
RT @nicholasrfish: Chief Justice Roberts: always willing to destroy any civil right as long as it's not a complete smash and grab, unlike h…
ANY 2022-05-02 23:30:22
It is, of course, while true that God will not love you any the less, or have less use for you, if you happen to have been born with a very second-rate brain. He has room for people with very little sense, but He wants every one to use what sense they have

ANY 2022-05-02 23:30:22
RT @loss_leader_: you got a supermajority. it didnt work youre a liar. im never voting again. im encouraging my parents, my brothers, my si…

ANY 2022-05-03 02:30:25
@Kameshme1 @RailaOdinga He is a nominated senstor

As at today, he has not created any interest for any post, even the vacant Woman rep
ANY 2022-05-03 02:30:25
RT @AlanBixter: Ahead of the RBA board decision, Prime Minister Scott Morrison sought to distance himself from the political implications o…
ANY 2022-05-03 02:30:26
RT @PatrickTimmons1: 17 G/A in the league this season. No U20 player in any of Europe’s top five leagues has more. https://t.co/kSqFlqroTG
ANY 2022-05-03 02:30:26
RT @AnnanPerry: Any youth helping policy under this useless government is just a rebrand of John Mahama’s policies. #TheAlternativeIsTheBest
ANY 2022-05-03 02:30:27
@9Darksorcerer9 @Ohpatriot29 @MelissaFoersch1 @cami_mondeaux @shannonrwatts Do yall have any other argument over this other than rape (only 5% of rapes end in pregnancy)? Honestly, why are only your rights considered when yall try to make this argument? Do the childs rights not count?
ANY 2022-05-03 02:30:27
RT @getnickwright: Mavs should feel fine. Suns have no answer for Luka. Phoenix got every rebound & hit 3 desperation end of shot clock sho…
ANY 2022-05-03 02:30:28
RT @helterskelter49: @NadineDorries @RhonddaBryant Oh right, we can use stock photos for any story?

"Serious drinking issues at work an in…
ANY 2022-05-03 02:30:28
RT @JamesKL95: How to remove a car tyre without any tools: 😂😂😂 https://t.co/tnpgpQjxvn
ANY 2022-05-03 02:30:29
RT @AzzatAlsaleem: Clashes between Iraqi army and Shingal protection units.
Hundreds of Yezidis abandoned their homes.
Iraqi army headed fr…
ANY 2022-05-03 02:30:29
RT @TDF1515: The #AfricanUnion has remained more or less silent and, w/ out any sense of irony, has opted to hold the summit 2022: The Year…
ANY 2022-05-03 05:00:161.51 1.46 10.29%
ANY 2022-05-03 05:30:07
RT @digitalassetbuy: Awesome 👀👀👀
"SEC's Death Question To Protect These Emails At Any Cost" -Attorney Thien-Vu Hogan https://t.co/tB12UKneAb
ANY 2022-05-03 05:30:07
RT @NikaMelkozerova: two OK posts of a wife of a Russian soldier. first one says "There would not be any Ukraine soon. Wait for guest, khoh…
ANY 2022-05-03 05:30:08
RT @supertanskiii: Susanna Reid’s GMB interview has revealed two key points:

1. Johnson has zero plan to solve the cost of living crisis,…
ANY 2022-05-03 05:30:08
RT @TheViewFromLL2: Alito's draft declares that, inter alia, the right to marry a person of a different race, the right to contraception, a…
ANY 2022-05-03 05:30:09
@BrittanyVenti Don't have any
ANY 2022-05-03 05:30:09
RT @Sonaksh14733820: @akshay_K1_ @kk_ruhi @chheda14
Itne slowly views kyun increase ho rhe hain ?? Any idea is people stop streaming???
ANY 2022-05-03 06:00:151.56 1.49 9.56%
ANY 2022-05-03 07:00:121.56 1.46 9.56%
ANY 2022-05-03 08:00:351.53 1.46 9.56%
ANY 2022-05-03 08:30:08
RT @RaidRPG: Raiders, we invite you all to take part in our #RaidPhotoshop contest! Create a festive costume for your favorite Champion usi…
ANY 2022-05-03 08:30:08
Mexican Bar Company Brunch: A Shopping Fail to Eating Success Story

ANY 2022-05-03 08:30:09
❓Do you want access to presale for every drop?

❓Do you want a Membership card but dont know how to get it?

🥵If you purchase ANY sneaker from our drops, we will airdrop you a membership card if you already DO NOT have one! https://t.co/RCdbnZw2M5
ANY 2022-05-03 08:30:09
RT @LibyaLiberty: A “fatwa” is simply a legal opinion given by any scholar of Islamic jurisprudence that may or may not be accepted as auth…
ANY 2022-05-03 08:30:10
Just finished packing my “go bag” for my senior crawl shift at @OutRInn and the items contained include:

4: Peanut butter wafers
2: Granola bars
1: Pack of welches fruit snacks
2: V8s
1: Change of clothes (just in case)
0: Confidence I’ll touch any of it until 3AM
ANY 2022-05-03 08:30:10
RT @Mountai09469224: @danhill2011 So who negotiated with Putin to ensure all theses photo ops weren’t bombed? I don’t recall any politician…
ANY 2022-05-03 09:00:341.53 1.46 7.35%
ANY 2022-05-03 10:00:281.56 1.55 5.44%
ANY 2022-05-03 10:56:05
REVERSALtoUP: $ANY Sphere 3D Corp. Common Shares 📳 TradeIdeas via ⟶ https://t.co/VS8RO1bzXJ
ANY 2022-05-03 11:00:231.63 1.62 10.88%
ANY 2022-05-03 11:02:36
RT @AlertTrade: REVERSALtoUP: $ANY Sphere 3D Corp. Common Shares 📳 TradeIdeas via ⟶ https://t.co/VS8RO1bzXJ
ANY 2022-05-03 11:30:11
RT @BTC_LN: Whether you're a merchant, freelancer, employee or any other entity hoping to receive SATs through the #Bitcoin #LightningNetwo…
ANY 2022-05-03 11:30:11
RT @cryptotrader85: I highly recommend you be on this livestream later today. Learn more about #YieldApp if there are any questions you hav…
ANY 2022-05-03 11:30:12
@davenemetz It's going to start as web2 companies trying to be cool web3 companies. You won't see any Chief Community Officers at web3 companies because everyone will be the community team.

I bet it will still feel "corporate" in 3 years.
ANY 2022-05-03 11:30:12
if any of you support this roe v wade overturn draft plz plz just unfollow me
this is simply not something I can find a middle ground on. I just can’t. It’s not right
ANY 2022-05-03 12:00:471.62 1.61 9.52%
ANY 2022-05-03 12:34:05
Sphere 3D Corp.'s quarterly revenue growth rate YoY of -58.90% ranked 3964 out of 5727 companies in our database.

https://t.co/We7EHgqfyW $ANY

🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 https://t.co/FbJ991jzyL
ANY 2022-05-03 13:00:291.59 1.58 8.16%
ANY 2022-05-03 14:00:321.62 1.61 9.52%
ANY 2022-05-03 14:30:02
@Olacabs I have booked a ride yesterday for hardly 25 kms distance at 12.09 pm and at the time of ride confirmation I was able to see the fare as Rs.552/- only that's why I booked a cab. And I was not at all received any notification regarding peak hour high rates etc.
ANY 2022-05-03 14:30:02
RT @carrotiscold: เพื่อนอินเดียในห้องถามว่านับถือศาสนาอะไร นี่เลยบอกว่า “I was born into a Buddhist family and was sent to a Christian scho…
ANY 2022-05-03 14:30:03
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ANY 2022-05-03 20:00:191.60 1.56 8.09%
ANY 2022-05-03 20:30:11
@DariusJButler It may not be his job, but it’s a jerk attitude. No one gets to the NFL, or the top of any sport, w/o mentors. Mr. Tannehill’s attitude is an insult to every person who has taken the time to help him find his way & by extension mentorship in general.
ANY 2022-05-03 20:30:11
RT @barriecassidy: Unbelievable. He wants to continue the rorts without any oversight. Nobody is suggesting politicians should be “disempow…
ANY 2022-05-03 20:30:12
RT @neesasodirman: One of my new family members literally kantoi recording my sister tengah mandi kat rumah kampung and my sister perasan n…
ANY 2022-05-03 20:30:12
RT @carrotiscold: เพื่อนอินเดียในห้องถามว่านับถือศาสนาอะไร นี่เลยบอกว่า “I was born into a Buddhist family and was sent to a Christian scho…
ANY 2022-05-03 20:30:13
RT @AdamSerwer: Alito’s draft opinion repealing Roe is a sweeping blueprint not just for invalidating abortion rights, but any rights that…
ANY 2022-05-03 20:30:13
@DeanPagliaro @_Chewbaklava @HeatherThomasAF Saying big words doesn’t make you sound intelligent 😂 it’s not racist or sexist to say you as a man do not have the right to walk in my shoes in any way and control what happens with my life. Control your own life you big bloke.
ANY 2022-05-03 22:00:131.60 1.56 8.33%
ANY 2022-05-03 23:30:22
RT @blackstudiesbae: the first thing any creative, artist or healer has to do is abandon a linear sense of time as much as possible.
ANY 2022-05-03 23:30:22
RT @Le202nard: It's funny. I haven't heard any news of Republicans introducing widespread legislation for adoption services today.
ANY 2022-05-03 23:30:23
RT @LadyJustice6910: Please use my story as a cautionary tale. It might not affect you when you do it, but it will once you realize what yo…
ANY 2022-05-03 23:30:23
RT @angrygrandma61: ⚠️If you A Friend/Family Member plan to Protest Tonight PLEASE TAKE A SHARPIE & WRITE THIS NUMBER ON YOUR ARM 212-679-6…
ANY 2022-05-03 23:30:24
RT @kerrymacp1: @atrupar Funny, I don’t see any Disney characters in this grooming guide. 🤷🏻‍♂️
ANY 2022-05-03 23:30:24
RT @Ezekiel_III: Hey fellas.

Are you wondering, "Besides voting, what ACTIONS can I take to support women in these dark times?"

Well, goo…

ANY 2022-05-04 02:30:15
This crying Baloch woman is the mother of Zakir Majeed, a student leader from Balochistan, missing for more than 12 years.

His whereabouts are still unknown!Does the int'l community has any answer to the wail and sobs?
ANY 2022-05-04 02:30:15
@OneCardHelp Any update?
ANY 2022-05-04 02:30:16
RT @stevenbward: Hey @elonmusk if you want to "authenticate all humans" you might want the products and services we offer at https://t.co/a…
ANY 2022-05-04 02:30:16
#SabiesQue el 20% de les dones té problemes de #salutmental des que decideix ser mare fins a l'any de vida del nadó? Avui se celebra el Dia Mundial de la Salut Mental Materna i des de #VallHebron ajudem a totes les dones en aquesta nova etapa de la seva vida. #MaternalMHmatters https://t.co/4ZrY7MCVEG
ANY 2022-05-04 02:30:17
@velvetainted ahaha yes, it obvious your username told me so! hi hi good afternoon ara. any plans for today?
ANY 2022-05-04 02:30:17
RT @sadhosays: Azhar Ali claimed that @NASA is giving him a scholarship.

His claim attracted @MuhyiddinYassin & @Khairykj's attention.

ANY 2022-05-04 02:30:18
RT @GoodPoliticGuy: Liberals are actually blaming voters from the 2016 election for not electing Clinton instead of pressuring the Democrat…
ANY 2022-05-04 02:30:18
since this is a day off i won’t do any school work and i’ll just work out until i pass out :P
ANY 2022-05-04 05:00:141.70 1.55 13.19%
ANY 2022-05-04 05:30:10
@homesquarepro1 Hello this is Communi3 NFT User’s Fulfillment Center handle. Do you require any assistance to be on the WhiteList, kindly send us a Direct message now.

ANY 2022-05-04 05:30:10
RT @natooji: And! We're looking for marshmallows for the chat on the 6th! I'd love it if you could send me any questions you have, in Engli…
ANY 2022-05-04 05:30:11
RT @docrussjackson: "Can I interest you in any private health insurance?" https://t.co/LK7OeUbsRI
ANY 2022-05-04 05:30:11
Did you know Maternal Mental illness can affect anyone of any age from any background and is common in 1 in 4 women? It's so important to recognise #ThePowerOfConnection in our communities. Cov and Warks support group, By Your Side is here to support you: https://t.co/8gaNde2ePY https://t.co/VEg2r5aeZ3
ANY 2022-05-04 05:30:12
RT @nandoodles: [Interrupts beautiful tropical vacation to share the following:]

A handful of men in adtech are planning to get rich off s…
ANY 2022-05-04 05:30:12
RT @vivekagnihotri: Wow! @PCITweets also cancelled me. The watchdogs of democracy and messiah of free speech not only banned me undemocrati…
ANY 2022-05-04 05:30:13
Where IS My Bloody Parcel!! Not even any promised info why You messed up delivery & when being delivered….to MY address after ride round UK😡
ANY 2022-05-04 05:30:13
@endsanctions I mean I'm Pakistani, and gun culture here is a big thing, plus I thought you guns were cool and stuff, but then my parents didn't allow me to get any cus a kid with a toy gun was killed by police.
ANY 2022-05-04 06:00:311.70 1.63 13.89%
ANY 2022-05-04 06:58:06
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ANY 2022-05-04 08:30:19
RT @Haggis_UK: #KayBurley - Boris Johnson said that he introduced the freedom bus pass... he didn't... so why would he say that?

George E…
ANY 2022-05-04 08:30:19
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ANY 2022-05-04 08:30:20
@shnftz any
ANY 2022-05-04 08:30:20
@cintia79077147 @without_echo @business If prolifers were serious about lowering the abortion rate, they would regulate sperm.Sperm is the number 1 cause of unwanted pregnancies. But zero mention of any kind of regulations or punishment for men who cause unwanted pregnancies. It’s just controlling women that’s the goal
ANY 2022-05-04 08:30:21
RT @BTStranslation_: and PSY wrote other parts.. the making went well, quickly, and he didn't feel any stress or anything

someone asked if…
ANY 2022-05-04 08:30:21
RT @EvilLikeHobbits: If you support forcing any adult or child to carry a rapist’s fetus, you are pro-rape.
ANY 2022-05-04 08:41:03
Sphere 3D Corp.'s quarterly revenue growth rate YoY of -58.90% ranked 3964 out of 5728 companies in our database.

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ANY 2022-05-04 20:30:21
i need a new airpod case does anyone have any ideas
ANY 2022-05-04 20:30:21
RT @wsteaks: NEW: A photograph of Oz casting a ballot in Turkey's 2018 presidential election is rankling national security experts -- parti…
ANY 2022-05-04 20:30:22
Be careful of any relationship I will leave you if you talk to this boy

@DUALIPA ♥️ https://t.co/acafA7VOR6
ANY 2022-05-04 20:30:22
joy behar says women should go on a sex strike, it would be easy for her and the other cows on the view, nobody would want any of them anyway.
ANY 2022-05-04 20:30:23
RT @glosswitch: Sick of the "abusive boyfriend" tactic employed by so much of the left right now, telling any woman who shows the slightest…
ANY 2022-05-04 20:30:23
RT @pictoresa_cs: 📢: As of now, no one is allowed to access the masterlist. If you have any question regarding the delivery, send a direct…
ANY 2022-05-04 22:00:131.66 1.61 3.75%

ANY 2022-05-05 05:00:121.77 1.60 3.75%
ANY 2022-05-05 06:00:221.77 1.58 3.75%
ANY 2022-05-05 08:00:141.73 1.58 2.50%
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ANY 2022-05-05 10:00:181.57 1.56 -6.02%
ANY 2022-05-05 11:00:281.54 1.53 -7.23%
ANY 2022-05-05 11:30:16
RT @ThomasSowell: Crises have long been seen as great opportunities to expand the federal government’s power while the people are too scare…
ANY 2022-05-05 11:30:16
RT @SimmiInsan4895: In the Era of Selfishness, where people have thirst for the blood of others. There are many more Super Heroes who donat…
ANY 2022-05-05 11:30:17
RT @djsdunkero: Do not wear mask at school wear it at restaurants or any other indoor place, the virus found in schools understands that yo…
ANY 2022-05-05 11:30:17
@LivingRural1 @michelletandler I don’t see it moving any significant mass of the electorate. Abortion always causes a lot of loud voices with outsized opinions on how important this subject is to your average voter.
ANY 2022-05-05 11:30:18
@LoochyTV The COD community might be the most brain dead community in gaming. They have NO idea how to think for themselves or do any sort of research to actually LEARN what things are. They watch one Click Bait video and take it as gospel from then out
ANY 2022-05-05 11:30:18
RT @TJLakers01: Hard to come by with any Politician.... https://t.co/HPktkajWc7
ANY 2022-05-05 12:00:261.51 1.50 -9.64%
ANY 2022-05-05 13:00:211.52 1.51 -9.04%
ANY 2022-05-05 14:30:12
RT @BlondeBunnyBait: det/ lit 18+
minor dni
dms open
A little blonde bunny open to service any need or desire for a good time 💕💕…
ANY 2022-05-05 14:30:12
RT @NoLieWithBTC: NEW: A new photo showing Dr. Oz voting in the 2018 Turkish election just surfaced after Oz claimed he has “never been pol…
ANY 2022-05-05 14:30:13
RT @armyinsidejokes: in islam kafir means a non believer and even muslims can't use that word on any one bcs it's directly insulting to all…
ANY 2022-05-05 14:30:13
RT @ComicBook: #MoonKnight is the first #DisneyPlus series not to have any #Marvel guest stars

https://t.co/bkFuvgcg6q https://t.co/umyhYc…
ANY 2022-05-05 15:00:201.51 1.50 -9.04%
ANY 2022-05-05 16:00:251.50 1.49 -9.64%
ANY 2022-05-05 17:00:421.55 1.48 -9.04%
ANY 2022-05-05 17:30:11
RT @JackSprrw47: Regarding "Subah Se Shaam" views issue,
total lifetime views on the channel itself was 7.5M.

When a new upload on such ch…
ANY 2022-05-05 17:30:12
@mattgaetz " over-educated" any woman with more then a elementary school education is "over-educated" in Gaetz's book
ANY 2022-05-05 17:30:12
Born in the 60s. Adult in the 80s. Working class background. Saw abortion as a way of escaping any mistakes that would stop me getting out of the area I grew up in. Having had 3 kids of which one has miscarried my views have drastically changed.
ANY 2022-05-05 17:30:13
RT @MiRaGe2706: @ChristinaPykles So I compiled a list of all the references. If I've missed out any, please let me know. (Also, someone mig…
ANY 2022-05-05 17:30:13
Her album is yet to be topped by any female rapper. it’s a feat in itself to not have to consistently drop albums to remain relevant lol https://t.co/PpwPfWUJuv
ANY 2022-05-05 19:00:311.66 1.61 3.75%
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ANY 2022-05-05 23:30:06
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Result law home around financial official investment any generation it. https://t.co/7MtLbOfXYy
ANY 2022-05-05 23:30:07
RT @GeoffRBennett: Hillary Clinton: "Any American who says, 'I'm not a woman, this doesn't affect me,' 'I'm not Black, that doesn't affect…
ANY 2022-05-05 23:30:07
RT @NoLieWithBTC: NEW: Hillary Clinton on the draft overturning Roe: “Any American who says, I’m not a woman, this won’t affect me; I’m not…
ANY 2022-05-05 23:30:08
RT @NoLieWithBTC: NEW: Hillary Clinton on the draft overturning Roe: “Any American who says, I’m not a woman, this won’t affect me; I’m not…
ANY 2022-05-05 23:30:08
Bon dia. Són les 05:30. La temperatura a #CanMassuetdelFar es de 11,6° amb una humitat del 63%.
Tal dia com avui de l'any 1975 sonava aquest numero 1. Que vagi de gust. #Dosrius #Maresme #Bonamusica

ANY 2022-05-05 23:30:09
RT @ar_pradeepnd: Today is the last working day if we can get a Shanchgen Visa to Denmark. The scheduled travel plan is tomorrow early in…
ANY 2022-05-05 23:30:09
It’s honestly ridiculous. No one in their early 20s has any kind of need for Botox in the first place. It’s unnecessary. But people are obsessed with their looks. It doesn’t improve your character. Your just shallow and following the trends.

ANY 2022-05-06 02:30:02
@BigleJerry @matttadelphia . In the last 3 years there have been 694 games played where in the 9th inning one team lead 6+ runs. Until May 5 No team had EVER come back from 6 run to win in the 9th. How was any of this Joe G's fault?
ANY 2022-05-06 02:30:02
RT @TrojanAid: "Europeans, Chinese and Americans can enter any African country as they will but a Ugandan like me goes through annoying and…
ANY 2022-05-06 02:30:03
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ANY 2022-05-06 02:30:03
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ANY 2022-05-06 02:30:04
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ANY 2022-05-06 02:30:04
Share any of these messages with your mama!

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ANY 2022-05-06 02:30:05
@freddyMM93 You are right,we have to arise to their level and fight for our freedom. If it's a fight they want,let's give them that. It is the most patriotic thing that any progressive Zimbabwean must do.
ANY 2022-05-06 02:30:05
RT @swati_gs: Where are the voices from the Muslim community condemning this bigotry and advocating Muslim women's choice to marry outside…
ANY 2022-05-06 05:00:361.74 1.44 -9.09%
ANY 2022-05-06 05:30:18
RT @angel_0f_deathx: forcing children to be born when they’re unwanted is crueler than having an abortion at any stage of pregnancy
ANY 2022-05-06 05:30:18
RT @reuben_ngish: Haven't you heard what's happening
@LGE_EastAfrica is doing Free delivery to your door step So if you buy any LG product…
ANY 2022-05-06 05:30:19
mistakenly listened to Jolene first, now i don’t wanna listen to any other song on the tape again.
ANY 2022-05-06 05:30:19
@avalaina They don't have any other things to celebrate.Fake viktory in war and thats it.There's no nothing else to be proud of...
ANY 2022-05-06 05:30:20
RT @DharmaOfVedas: Those adult Hindu men and Muslim women who love each other but fear Hyderabad type k!lling by Islamic fanatics can conta…
ANY 2022-05-06 05:30:20
If you read any of my junhoon aus, you may have noticed it hehe
ANY 2022-05-06 05:30:21
Llidoner (celtis australis) germinat enguany i repicat ja a cossiol gran per a que faja camí. D'ací 3 hiverns a un barranc on córrega l'aigua bona part de l'any i èxit assegurat. https://t.co/m9hV6Hv4GM
ANY 2022-05-06 05:30:21
RT @painfire_: With the most advanced #Blockchain5.0 technology,#relictumpro have developed and launched a generous bounty program, where a…
ANY 2022-05-06 07:00:301.53 1.44 -9.09%
ANY 2022-05-06 08:00:171.50 1.48 -9.70%
ANY 2022-05-06 08:30:07
RT @IrrawaddyNews: Analysis | Myanmar People Will Never Accept any Election Held by the Junta https://t.co/kPCBV4hI4S

ANY 2022-05-06 08:30:07
RT @ShiannonC: Just when I thought Morrison couldn't plumb the depths of depraved fckwittery any further..

He suggests Albo is using Covid…
ANY 2022-05-06 08:30:08
@MollyJongFast It’s an affront to us. We are tired of being second class citizens and here are a group of mostly rich old white men trying to take something away. The bans they are putting in place against ANY abortion makes me believe they think we are sub human.
ANY 2022-05-06 08:30:08
RT @billy_maggard: @SorayaMcDonald Current and near future tech will eliminate that model.
Which is just another example of backwards think…
ANY 2022-05-06 08:30:09
RT @fatmofficiel: Don’t wait for something big to occur. Start where you're with what you have & that will always lead you into something g…
ANY 2022-05-06 08:30:09
Indeed. If we want the market to go up, we should hope for 0 nonfarm payrolls. Can't have it both ways any more.
https://t.co/wyfH3UcCAS https://t.co/06c36BBn5w
ANY 2022-05-06 09:01:031.50 1.48 -9.09%
ANY 2022-05-06 10:00:321.42 1.41 -6.00%
ANY 2022-05-06 11:00:121.47 1.46 -2.00%
ANY 2022-05-06 12:00:141.47 1.46 -1.33%
ANY 2022-05-06 13:00:401.53 1.52 2.00%
ANY 2022-05-06 14:00:111.51 1.50 0.00%
ANY 2022-05-06 15:00:331.52 1.51 0.67%
ANY 2022-05-06 17:00:171.54 1.48 0.00%
ANY 2022-05-06 19:01:011.51 1.46 0%
ANY 2022-05-06 20:00:161.49 1.44 -11.52%
ANY 2022-05-06 20:30:10
any one i consider a friend i admire certains characteristics/traits they have and i study those traits so i can have them for myself
ANY 2022-05-06 20:30:10
Yet the property manager and the charity both benefited by me not having any rights. The property mngr failed to make repairs to the unit but there is a security deposit that was created for this very reason. The prior tenant provided a fund to cover their damage so as not to
ANY 2022-05-06 20:30:11
@jamesrai100 @RossierFanny That’s the only version I don’t own. I really don’t have any problem with the blu ray so I didn’t go to 4k. Is and always will be my favorite movie
ANY 2022-05-06 20:30:11
RT @CREWcrew: Any conversation about an ethics crisis at the Supreme Court must include the fact that Clarence Thomas still has not recused…
ANY 2022-05-06 20:30:12
Did you just call opera singers glorified karaoke, huh bestie?

See the thing of you woke people is you wanna look smart by any means, even if that's showing your ignorance.
Sad really.😴 https://t.co/X1Dolr0Ee8
ANY 2022-05-06 20:30:12
any twitter mutuals like poker?
ANY 2022-05-06 20:30:13
RT @oldiesbts: bts mbti test results! do you have the same as any of the members? https://t.co/mCNeckPFc7
ANY 2022-05-06 20:30:13
RT @DoreenCaven: Beyoncé is really a visionary for knowing way ahead of time to prioritize her privacy. I’ve seen so many artists having pu…
ANY 2022-05-06 20:39:00
Sphere 3D Corp.'s quarterly revenue growth rate YoY of -58.90% ranked 3964 out of 5729 companies in our database.

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ANY 2022-05-06 22:00:221.49 1.44 -2.67%
ANY 2022-05-06 22:05:22
Form 6-K (report of foreign issuer [rules 13a-16 and 15d-16]) filed with the SEC $ANY https://t.co/ABHVbonQkc

ANY 2022-05-07 11:57:29
@CurtisLucas20 Hey brother, would love to hear your insights on the dissolved merger of Sphere 3D corp. and Gryphon mining. My conversations with Rob, who I had felt at one time provided a great insight turned into a fabricator. Irresponsible CEO of a bitcoin miner. Any thoughts

ANY 2022-05-09 05:00:151.65 1.40 -2.67%
ANY 2022-05-09 06:00:131.55 1.41 -2.67%
ANY 2022-05-09 07:00:521.48 1.38 -7.33%
ANY 2022-05-09 08:00:481.46 1.39 -7.33%
ANY 2022-05-09 08:30:12
RT @tineloveskoo: im glad i didn't see anything before bighit dropped the first tracklist and hopinggg that no one in my tl would tweet or…
ANY 2022-05-09 08:30:12
RT @Kagiesure: Guys I’ve been through a lot in life I went to varsity quit worked at retail shops & waterfall country estate as a construct…
ANY 2022-05-09 08:30:13
RT @RJjst8: Mom’s of #Tigray and the world #MothersDay2022!“The #Eritrean army would mockingly say to the mourning parents, ‘Hey, we were o…
ANY 2022-05-09 08:30:13
@john_evans3 Can you please elaborate on what actionable insights we will gain from the AUNT study and how those will be used to advance 101/102? How much is the full study anticipated to cost and will it be funded with BEAM's cash? Any financing partners? Thanks!
ANY 2022-05-09 08:30:14
@showers_bless @_AfricanSoil Any eye for any eye
ANY 2022-05-09 08:30:14
22. Debuted stream? Yes! I finally did it it wasn't by any means something I had planned and I'd love to just get to know the community and enjoy there presence https://t.co/aZYA2HI7w3
ANY 2022-05-09 09:00:311.47 1.39 -7.33%
ANY 2022-05-09 10:00:241.35 1.34 -7.53%
ANY 2022-05-09 11:00:141.30 1.29 -11.64%
ANY 2022-05-09 11:30:23
RT @TheOrcsNFT: Why Orcs have "Rank" Attribute?

Do you have any suggestions?
ANY 2022-05-09 11:30:23
RT @mistertodd: The "DR STRANGE 2 should be rated R" outrage has the exact same root cause as the likes of "WINTER SOLDIER is an old-school…
ANY 2022-05-09 11:30:24
– didn’t have any intention to stop. And on the counter, on the floor, on the curtains, on the table, on the chairs, on the loveseat in front the window lay what looked like a hundred food experiments not ending well. A very unfitted metaphor for what she was seeing.

ANY 2022-05-09 11:30:24
RT @jenosoomf: update: its already 11PM, the VCM in our precint is still not working. we've been waiting for the new one to arrive since ar…
ANY 2022-05-09 12:00:211.29 1.28 -12.33%
ANY 2022-05-09 13:00:341.28 1.27 -13.01%
ANY 2022-05-09 14:00:281.26 1.25 -14.38%
ANY 2022-05-09 14:31:04
RT @DanielaNadj: Keir Starmer says that Britain deserves politicians who believe the rules apply to them. He's adamant that he didn't break…
ANY 2022-05-09 14:31:04
@reckless Ahh. I see what you're saying! He could be referring to a specific variety of speech, or as you note, any activity, not just speech. You agree?
ANY 2022-05-09 14:31:05
@airindiain @airindiain Why won’t you reply to my queries? I want compensation at this point. I never got full services nor any response from you for my future flight.
ANY 2022-05-09 14:31:05
RT @ALLF0RLEO: #AForTraineeA

Anyone interested in participating is welcome to join ^^

Kindly read the details below!

Please dm me or rep…
ANY 2022-05-09 14:31:06
Sorry to bother you @jockowillink but are there any plans to have #WarriorKid translated? I'd love for my daughter to be able to read it and I'm sure a lot of French kids would benefit from the values.
ANY 2022-05-09 14:31:06
RT @ssrstan4ever: Autopsy report says he died due to suffocation.
That suffocation can be caused by anything or any object.
Suffocation can…
ANY 2022-05-09 15:00:261.25 1.24 -14.38%
ANY 2022-05-09 16:00:111.20 1.19 -18.49%
ANY 2022-05-09 17:01:021.25 1.19 -17.12%
ANY 2022-05-09 17:30:37
RT @Megankstack: It’s so apt that on Mother’s Day there is a worsening baby formula shortage, and I just clicked on a “what should you do i…
ANY 2022-05-09 17:30:37
Being an ethical practitioner in any field means acknowledging your own limitations.
ANY 2022-05-09 17:30:38
RT @SenaytYohans: Mothers of #Tigray & the world #MothersDay2022 ! “The #Eritrean army would mockingly say to the mourning parents, ‘Hey, w…
ANY 2022-05-09 17:30:38
@swiftpatronum_ @travaris_windha @Rohitkmr1998 @Juicybuttcheex @YungAndreWise @majeeto__ @Sealtori08 @therealsupes Ya'll do know Superman is weak to magic right? This isn't really a good debate to have because he starts off at a disadvantage before any blows are even traded 😭.
ANY 2022-05-09 17:30:39
Any Dem or political news junkies want to chat?
ANY 2022-05-09 17:30:39

Any interaction with this tweet will be considered for WL

#Solana #NFT #Whitelist https://t.co/wWJ…
ANY 2022-05-09 19:00:311.49 1.44 -2.67%
ANY 2022-05-09 20:00:301.25 1.15 -21.33%
ANY 2022-05-09 20:30:14
RT @starsalts: I seldom RT this sort of stuff on my main but I heavily advise everyone to stay clear from this zine hub and the person that…
ANY 2022-05-09 20:30:14
Labour, Training, & Skills: you will get to announce all kinds of wonderful programs, and your staff will get to find ways to make sure that nobody is actually eligible for any of them. Don’t fret about union hostility – leave them be and they’ll mess up on their own
ANY 2022-05-09 20:30:15
RT @boojieshay: I don’t need nobody bringing any drama into my life it’s very peaceful around here.
ANY 2022-05-09 20:30:15
I’ve explained a bit on my discord server but it’s mainly health/mental struggles and I apologize if I seemed distant or closed off to any of you but I do appreciate yall who took their time to check up on me. Till the next time I stream. Take care yall.
ANY 2022-05-09 20:30:16
RT @DrJamesOlsson: - Reason for the cardiac arrests and strokes in young people..."unknown".

- Reason for the hepatitis in children..."unk…
ANY 2022-05-09 20:30:16
Samples were taken from the tourists, their rooms, and the nearby property to help identify whether any contaminants were present. https://t.co/uca4ZYARan
ANY 2022-05-09 20:30:17
What I am writing about is clear evidence of fraud by Pfizer. This can not be hidden any longer nor is there a reasonable explanation. Fraud vitiates contracts. Pfizer is toast along with the stock price.
ANY 2022-05-09 20:30:17
@Jacquis3rd @PrimeVideo Yeah, pretty bummed. And as a wildlife biologist that jaguar storyline was fucking ridiculous. Like any predatory cat growls and roars before it attacks. Forget about the impossibility of a big cat living on a small island like that. This isn’t Life of Pi.
ANY 2022-05-09 22:00:521.25 1.15 -15.71%
ANY 2022-05-09 23:30:23
@pornxiao infelizmente somos pobres any 😭
ANY 2022-05-09 23:30:23
@yesisworld He won't. Republicans never liked Trump. They used his popularity, but He was never supposed to win! The Republicans are silent because they were in on it! The corruption and collusion happens in the halls of Congress! 2 Heads 1 Beast 0 F's given about any real American! https://t.co/gdXRyMv6QL
ANY 2022-05-09 23:30:24
Have you ever used any of the products that you endorsed? https://t.co/SdRlId3Qkk
ANY 2022-05-09 23:30:24
RT @BriannaWu: When you are dying of internal bleeding from an ectopic pregnancy, furious that even though any doctor could save you, you w…
ANY 2022-05-09 23:30:25
RT @McCainSuzanne: @LindseyGrahamSC I'm curious Lindsey, since we never see you with any women, except your sister, how would you personall…
ANY 2022-05-09 23:30:25

We're giving away a Detroit Red Wings jersey - SEIDER, RAYMOND, or any other player! To…
ANY 2022-05-09 23:30:26
@TurnOhioBlue @ErikaAwakening @PolitiFact @MikeDeWine The only thing that could make Ohio any worse would be to turn it blue, pew!!
ANY 2022-05-09 23:30:26
RT @Fact: Just because a person doesn't talk about their problems doesn't mean they don't have any.

ANY 2022-05-10 02:30:31
RT @aavishhkar: #AvatarTheWayOfWater (16th Dec) will DOMINATE December month. 2 films #Ganpath & #MerryChristmas (23rd Dec) will be AFFECTE…
ANY 2022-05-10 02:30:31
RT @Obukowsky1: I wonder if any Western mainstream media has ever talked about this?

I would think this is a pretty important area of Chi…
ANY 2022-05-10 02:30:32
Have you got any merch yet?

Go get some now its pretty fire https://t.co/2gOemG806z

#tiktoker #TikTok #merchandise #merch #YouTube #YouTuber #Glytchfam #ChosNluck #KeepSoaring #killerfam
ANY 2022-05-10 02:30:32
RT @Akaashk55: @SunilKu92687431 @nsitharaman @DFS_India #StopPrivatization
"Time and again PSB's have proved the…
ANY 2022-05-10 02:30:33
RT @bowelbabe: The tweet I never wanted to write. The time has come to say goodbye. 5 years to prepare, doesn’t make it any easy. I’m under…
ANY 2022-05-10 02:30:33
RT @kaitlancollins: As President Putin was speaking in Moscow, President Zelensky posted a video saying, “We will never forget what our anc…
ANY 2022-05-10 05:00:191.30 1.21 -10.71%
ANY 2022-05-10 05:30:49
RT @KYVENetwork: If you’re a KYVE OG, you’ve helped us significantly improve the protocol. We want to reward you 🎁✨

4 badges are available…
ANY 2022-05-10 05:30:49
RT @jihunmin__: PLEASE HELP ME

Some of my International clients are backing out due to what is happening to the Philippines. They are awar…
ANY 2022-05-10 05:30:50
RT @GreatGoatsNFT: Meet some of the GOATS of Solana 🤘

Any interaction with this tweet will be considered for WL. 🤝 https://t.co/x5S0hX4AUI
ANY 2022-05-10 05:30:50
RT @MaamaKampala21: Hello guys, we introduce to you the best medicated shampoo for dogs. It deals with all the environmental allergies, qui…
ANY 2022-05-10 05:30:51
@dsmackinnon @kaijunokami @Jeffrey58621649 @SierraWhiskey9 The scene could not have spelled it out any more. The sun is shining on Kylo's face. Then the sun goes out leaving Kylo's face in darkness, representing him choosing the dark side. Kylo isn't crying when he thanks his father for getting murdered so that his own pain is over.
ANY 2022-05-10 05:30:51
RT @mina_illus: if leni doesn't win the elections it's a v high possibility that PayPal will no longer be available in the PH

very stress…
ANY 2022-05-10 05:30:52
RT @Borders750: We have public hearings in the US - it’s a cause for celebration. Yet the UK MOD still maintains (publicly at least) that i…
ANY 2022-05-10 05:30:52
RT @SebastianCoxxx: He was hitting that perfect spot until I couldn’t hold it in any longer… (full face on OF) https://t.co/HpS9gOLO1Y
ANY 2022-05-10 06:00:551.32 1.23 -10.71%
ANY 2022-05-10 07:00:471.24 1.22 -11.43%
ANY 2022-05-10 08:00:281.22 1.20 -13.57%
ANY 2022-05-10 08:30:28
@michaelmalice Wow, this is really stupid thing to say. Not based on any level of reality or logic and reason. Born directly out of a fevered mind. Poor thing.
ANY 2022-05-10 08:30:28
ANY 2022-05-10 08:30:29
RT @HyruleBimbo: Would any futas be interested in doing this Rp where I Rp as 9s testing out 2b new toy~~

🎨:BlackWhiplash https://t.co/yzv…
ANY 2022-05-10 08:30:29
RT @EverSanyam: This is one day #EverRise chart against BNB. Smart buyer investing in right token during red Market.

Further I have haven’…
ANY 2022-05-10 08:30:30
RT @LizWebsterLD: @mbiranek @AdamPosen A Canadian article written by a libertarian proves my points.

Britain’s inflationary shock combines…
ANY 2022-05-10 08:30:30
RT @RichWizardGames: Have you found a bug or a mistake in the game? Are there any suggestions for improving functionality? Be sure to write…
ANY 2022-05-10 09:00:191.24 1.19 -14.29%
ANY 2022-05-10 10:00:221.20 1.19 0.85%
ANY 2022-05-10 11:00:111.17 1.16 -0.85%
ANY 2022-05-10 12:01:191.13 1.12 -15.71%
ANY 2022-05-10 12:44:44
Market data suggests positive returns on Sphere 3D Corp.
(ANY) https://t.co/KSkEFTGGeP #Diamante #Blockchain #DiamCircle
ANY 2022-05-10 13:00:111.12 1.11 -15.71%
ANY 2022-05-10 14:00:131.17 1.16 -15.71%
ANY 2022-05-10 14:30:38
RT @moronhumor: What a sadistic vulture .. doesn’t misses the opportunity to promote his movie/documentary that’s firstly based on the dead…
ANY 2022-05-10 14:30:38
RT @KarimSaid: Motsepe before being elected as CAF president " if i am to be the CAF president, I shall prevent any corruption acts occurre…
ANY 2022-05-10 14:30:39
RT @QTributes: i go both ways so if any male likes big dicks dm me 👀 #horny #bbc #bigdick https://t.co/t1nNzlT0XE
ANY 2022-05-10 14:30:39
RT @HawleyMO: There’s no reason @disney or any other woke corporation should keep getting special favors from government. End the handouts…
ANY 2022-05-10 14:30:40
@nftnftnft2022 Do you have any Complains, inquiries or you are experiencing issues for MINTING, RAFFLE or WL and Discord entry . send a Direct message we will ensure this is fixed
Thank you.
ANY 2022-05-10 14:30:40
RT @nycsouthpaw: Per two senate sources, the Coons-Cornyn bill extending security for SCOTUS family members was "hotlined" for unanimous co…
ANY 2022-05-10 16:00:331.20 1.15 -15.71%
ANY 2022-05-10 17:00:131.20 1.13 -15.71%
ANY 2022-05-10 17:30:27
RT @joeywreck: Not once has any American president ever asked Congress to ‘immediately’ give U.S. Americans basic human rights. https://t.c…
ANY 2022-05-10 17:30:27
RT @AccountableGOP: Could Trump shoot a hurricane gun on 5th Avenue and not lose any voters?
ANY 2022-05-10 17:30:28
RT @chipfranklin: Are you ready to vote out any asshole who supports a national abortion ban?
ANY 2022-05-10 17:30:28
@Rjsbabysitter Their universes are connected. Namjoon said it himself. Don’t be dumb. You think TXT has any control over their concept and storyline? Who is running Big Hit?
ANY 2022-05-10 19:00:441.25 1.15 -15.71%
ANY 2022-05-10 20:00:200.00 0.00 -15.71%
ANY 2022-05-10 20:30:45
Listen to Victony’s Outlaw without missing any lyric and rhythm . That album is all flamessssss 🔥🔥
ANY 2022-05-10 20:30:45
RT @catharticus: "i just want friends that don't want to fuck me 😫"**

**but they can't be too fat, or too dark,or too fem, or disabled in…
ANY 2022-05-10 20:30:46
@scottibo2 @iKingRonin @VP He didn’t lose. The election was fortified based on democrat articles. https://t.co/fDMYhH0cTT You lost. Get over it. We will sit back and regroup, unlike you psychopaths, who can’t handle any disturbance. You won’t win. I promise you.
ANY 2022-05-10 20:30:46
RT @Fisher_Download: Summing up the claims from @BluskyeAllison's court case @tribunaltweets today

'Stating the fact that men disproportio…
ANY 2022-05-10 20:30:47
RT @renkiger_: No fan knows the full story to any of BTS’ work, lives or feelings, no matter how much content we’ve watched/read/listened.…
ANY 2022-05-10 20:30:47
@reuterspictures @alikhara1 Are there any cheaper economical #China made #burqa ?
ANY 2022-05-10 20:30:48
RT @blackintheempir: Most Americans have no idea of why Putin went into Ukraine, no idea of the history of the region, no idea of the role…
ANY 2022-05-10 20:30:48

© Howlovable https://t.co/8lBSTmAimF
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ANY 2022-05-11 04:00:331.28 1.13 -4.31%
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ANY 2022-05-11 06:00:191.22 1.18 -4.31%
ANY 2022-05-11 07:00:231.22 1.13 -4.31%
ANY 2022-05-11 09:01:051.12 1.07 -4.31%
ANY 2022-05-11 10:00:291.11 1.09 -4.31%
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ANY 2022-05-11 12:00:131.07 1.06 -4.31%
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ANY 2022-05-11 22:00:310.95 0.95 -12.04%
ANY 2022-05-11 23:30:19
When clients tell me to “just do it the way I said and don’t ask any questions”

I’m not your f*cking typist 😤
ANY 2022-05-11 23:30:19
I swear to god I just turned on this Memphis/Warriors game, without looking at any updates on this game.

ANY 2022-05-11 23:30:20
RT @davenewworld_2: When there's a baby formula shortage during late-stage capitalism, the politicians trade insults and point fingers, but…
ANY 2022-05-11 23:30:20
RT @PalMissionUK: The Palestinian Mission to the UK says in a statement UK anti-boycott bill "attempt to shield #Israel from any accountabi…
ANY 2022-05-11 23:30:21
im going to buy an airhorn for whenever an ultimate legend starts thinking they can talk over any of us
ANY 2022-05-11 23:30:21
RT @GovMurphy: Let me be clear: New Jersey will not cooperate with any out of state investigation into our health care providers that seeks…
ANY 2022-05-11 23:30:22
@shinescythereal @SweatbandTv If you're not engaging in any combat and have zero motivation to, what the fuck do you define as "playing the game"? Sitting and hiding? What a loser.
ANY 2022-05-11 23:30:22
RT @LakotaMan1: Please understand, the content I share here vis-a-vis Indigenous history is in no way meant as an indictment against any on…

ANY 2022-05-12 02:30:10
Louing you shape, Tooke-night to any Should not meetest Monmouth Humfret, tumble the maid, Hero my garter (Griffith my takes.
ANY 2022-05-12 02:30:10
RT @wickedVJ: @VImvinit007 @ComedyVikas @MyHyness By the way she is unmarried if any of you are interested . . . https://t.co/H9XAIOYdB0
ANY 2022-05-12 02:30:11
@DeAnnaCharett @matty_323 @ShwetaS53164384 @mhdksafa If you’re going to talk about airborne viruses and how to stop them, it’s generally a good idea to avoid metaphors involving urine because unless you plan on huffing infected urine soaked underwear, you’ll not be contracting any airborne urine related illnesses.
ANY 2022-05-12 02:30:11
RT @MGFMWrites: Dear @Twitter , almost 12000 followers reduced in 7 hours.any reason?
ANY 2022-05-12 02:30:12
RT @marathonb_main: 🌌 It seems that having an Audit Report is one of the first steps for any project.
👟Expected in one week. We are choosin…
ANY 2022-05-12 02:30:12
RT @Claire_V0ltaire: 19 Israelis are brutally murdered by Palestinian terrorists & the media pulls out every trick in the book to downplay…
ANY 2022-05-12 02:30:13
RT @volare_official: Event rules📃

▶️Winners? 100,000 per day
▶️Rewards? A total of 5M mVOLR per day
▶️Event time (UTC): 12:00:00 ~ Next da…
ANY 2022-05-12 02:30:13
RT @danielsgoldman: Any network that must admit that they peddled lies on air is not a news network and must be declared as such. That incl…
ANY 2022-05-12 02:30:14
RT @BarbaraSutton15: Has Boris Johnson committed us to a war without the authority to do that-has there been any discussion-vote-plan or ha…
ANY 2022-05-12 02:30:14
if any of you come to the comments to roast me for not doing my situps. did YOU do 5 situps today ? didn't think so !
ANY 2022-05-12 04:00:140.95 0.95 -13.54%
ANY 2022-05-12 05:00:381.00 0.86 -13.54%
ANY 2022-05-12 06:00:500.96 0.96 -13.54%
ANY 2022-05-12 07:00:261.85 0.88 -13.54%
ANY 2022-05-12 08:00:191.85 0.91 -13.54%
ANY 2022-05-12 09:00:150.96 0.88 -13.54%
ANY 2022-05-12 10:00:490.90 0.90 -13.54%
ANY 2022-05-12 11:00:131.02 1.01 -13.54%
ANY 2022-05-12 11:58:06
Sphere 3D Corp.'s quarterly revenue growth rate YoY of -58.90% ranked 3956 out of 5738 companies in our database.

https://t.co/We7EHgqfyW $ANY

🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 https://t.co/Gjo9J68m7O
ANY 2022-05-12 12:00:350.97 0.96 -13.54%
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ANY 2022-05-12 14:00:230.92 0.90 -13.54%
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ANY 2022-05-12 16:00:240.96 0.92 -13.54%
ANY 2022-05-12 17:00:210.98 0.90 -13.54%
ANY 2022-05-12 19:00:510.95 0.95 -12.04%
ANY 2022-05-12 20:00:370.00 0.00 -13.54%
ANY 2022-05-12 22:00:171.02 1.01 20.24%

ANY 2022-05-13 04:00:401.02 1.01 18.28%
ANY 2022-05-13 05:00:141.07 1.02 18.28%
ANY 2022-05-13 06:00:201.04 1.00 18.28%
ANY 2022-05-13 07:00:181.07 0.98 18.28%
ANY 2022-05-13 08:00:201.07 1.04 18.28%
ANY 2022-05-13 08:17:04
Sphere 3D Corp.'s quarterly revenue growth rate YoY of -58.90% ranked 3952 out of 5734 companies in our database.

https://t.co/K5JmnBnzye $ANY
ANY 2022-05-13 09:00:311.02 1.00 18.28%
ANY 2022-05-13 10:00:171.07 1.06 18.28%
ANY 2022-05-13 11:00:421.06 1.05 18.28%
ANY 2022-05-13 12:00:351.08 1.07 18.28%
ANY 2022-05-13 13:00:291.09 1.08 18.28%
ANY 2022-05-13 14:00:431.06 1.05 18.28%
ANY 2022-05-13 15:00:141.05 1.04 18.28%
ANY 2022-05-13 16:00:261.06 1.04 18.28%
ANY 2022-05-13 17:00:221.09 1.06 18.28%
ANY 2022-05-13 19:00:581.02 1.01 20.24%
ANY 2022-05-13 20:00:560.00 0.00 18.28%
ANY 2022-05-13 22:00:161.09 1.07 7.92%
ANY 2022-05-13 23:30:11
RT @McFaul: Putin and his army are not “cornered”. They could leave Ukraine at any time. Putin is a dictator. He does not need to “save fac…
ANY 2022-05-13 23:30:11
The scale is going to tip in our favor any day now. The MASSES will no longer accept their lame "blame it on everything but the injections" game. Keep planting seeds. We will win. https://t.co/9mwLNtEftq
ANY 2022-05-13 23:30:12
RT @SupernovaMomma: Not only is this true, (I fact checked) it fed her because she couldn’t get any roles after Martin for 10 years because…
ANY 2022-05-13 23:30:12
RT @AamnaFasihi: They called PTI fascist. Was any pmln leader arrested for organizing a jalsa under Imran Khan’s govt, like Usman Dar and p…
ANY 2022-05-13 23:30:13
RT @spencersbook: hi i’m not new to twitter for looking for mutuals! #filmtwt #booktwt #stantwt

follow if u like:
madison bee…
ANY 2022-05-13 23:30:13
Remember when we first met at Kvatch? I told you that I didn't want any part of the gods' plan. I still don't know if there is a divine plan. But I've come to realize that it doesn't matter.
ANY 2022-05-13 23:30:14
@RocheFoe @thesaraloretta @NotionHQ Great! That's amazing to hear! Feel free to reach out if you need any help :)
ANY 2022-05-13 23:30:14
RT @jayrosen_nyu: A document of our times. The @PhillyInquirer editorial board says it cannot endorse any candidates in the GOP primary bec…
ANY 2022-05-13 23:30:15
RT @Srirachachau: It's probably true that Olsen and Krasinski probably shot separately but it's also true that Olsen hasn't seen any of the…
ANY 2022-05-13 23:30:15
@arpit_apoorva Yeah any ways i thank him bz i got some bangs too of #LUNA

ANY 2022-05-14 01:14:58
Here's How This Bitcoin Mining Company Fared In FY21 - Benzinga . Bitcoin mining company Sphere 3D Corp. ANY-1.60%+ Free Alerts · reported an FY21 revenue decline of 23.3% year-on-year to $3.72 million.

ANY 2022-05-16 02:30:44
RT @WgtnCC: Our annual suburban recycling bag deliveries are now well underway and should be finished by July. ♻️

If you don't receive any…
ANY 2022-05-16 02:30:44
RT @BlackSa50194626: @theo_crypto99 Good morning sir
Have you download @AltbaseApp ?
It's the best way to buy and sell any of your crypto c…
ANY 2022-05-16 02:30:45
Any coin you have from Mecca?

Btw even ummayyid era mosques had a wall facing towards Petra and not mecca, why? https://t.co/T5rxwwvMPz
ANY 2022-05-16 02:30:45
RT @TrippinApeNFT: “Ok, Mr. Tree, I swear I won't pluck any more bananas off you... Now will you please stop staring at me like that?”

3 W…
ANY 2022-05-16 02:30:46
There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.



ANY 2022-05-16 02:30:46
RT @KTH_Nepal: “He is a boy born with a treasure in his throat. His voice is not just deep. It's soft and has a warmth, bringing depth to a…
ANY 2022-05-16 02:30:47
Anyone have any idea where this could be from? Already checked Judge, Life, Puck, Punch, Fliegende Blätter... (may be from Texas Siftings...). This is probably the first use of impact stars in Japan (1894), so it would be cool to know where it's from. https://t.co/IT2TphkHeH
ANY 2022-05-16 02:30:47
RT @murpharoo: Asked on AM with @SabraLane about the impact of his super for houses policy on prices, Morrison says: "I think the balancing…
ANY 2022-05-16 02:30:48
RT @michaeldweiss: Any arty specialists on my timeline? Tell me how proficient the Ukrainians are at using this system after only a few wee…
ANY 2022-05-16 02:30:48
RT @alltheselightts: the way u can even tell in vids how much louder they are than any other group of fans 😁
ANY 2022-05-16 04:00:231.25 0.00 7.62%
ANY 2022-05-16 05:00:321.19 1.05 7.62%
ANY 2022-05-16 05:30:15
@allkpop Can't they just get in contact with her school and ask for any documents that could prove that she is guilty/innocent ? It's not that hard cuz just suing won't do anything
ANY 2022-05-16 05:30:15
RT @HamidMirPAK: Why they picked up a woman without any court orders? Why don’t they call her to police station for questioning?
ANY 2022-05-16 05:30:16
RT @Hbamulinde: It's true you badly need the job but acting desperate at the job interview will kill your chances
Avoid saying these:
- I'm…
ANY 2022-05-16 05:30:16
RT @msonaverma312: #SIT_INVESTIGATION_OF_UPSI_2021 This is our new India where students have to sit on death strike asking for their rights…
ANY 2022-05-16 05:30:17
Home Alone by John Hughes - frames 47613 to 47616 of 148019.

Has the child ingested any poison
or is an object lodged in his throat? #homealone #homealoneframes https://t.co/OdXZWWjm99
ANY 2022-05-16 05:30:17
@MedCrisis Interesting. Where I live, patients are entitled to their medical files (=hospitals/clinicals are only storage sites). If you have any imaging done you can ask for a copy (cd), a link to the server storage or have them PACSed to any other hospital server. Takes 15-30 mins.
ANY 2022-05-16 06:00:281.16 1.10 7.62%
ANY 2022-05-16 07:00:271.10 1.04 7.62%
ANY 2022-05-16 08:00:231.10 1.07 7.62%
ANY 2022-05-16 08:30:10
@elonmusk @TomFitton @netflix @Twitter @WSJ Rallies calling for the execution for people he doesn't like or agree with.
You're doing noone any favors by taking one stance without calling out the other side too.
ANY 2022-05-16 08:30:10
Search and destroy>>>any other game mode
ANY 2022-05-16 08:30:11
RT @moonstrologyy: Placements that scream "I'm baby"

- Any Capricorn placements
- Any Aquarius placements
- Scorpio moon & venus
- Sagitta…
ANY 2022-05-16 08:30:11
@TimRunsHisMouth Money. He donates to his party so he can say what ever he wants and not have any of them question him
ANY 2022-05-16 08:30:12
RT @MartinSLewis: Ps already hearing off the record briefings today from energy firms to try and sully my rep, by spinning nonesense, let's…
ANY 2022-05-16 08:30:12
RT @Kayjnr10: Dr. Kwaku Frimpong banned for 10 years from engaging in any football activity and has to pay a fine of 1 billion old Cedis, h…
ANY 2022-05-16 10:00:551.03 1.02 7.62%
ANY 2022-05-16 11:00:141.02 1.01 7.62%
ANY 2022-05-16 11:30:11
@xrp_prime Unless some big news comes out I just don't see anything really going up any time soon
ANY 2022-05-16 11:30:12
RT @13WJM: @CawthornforNC Thanks for weighing in with the inbred, uneducated, unaccomplished, gutless, #StolenValor punk perspective.

ANY 2022-05-16 11:30:12
RT @sturdyAlex: So, I've collated the Conservatives' advice on the cost of living crisis and so far I have:

1. Buy value brands
2. Budget…
ANY 2022-05-16 11:30:13
RT @UmehWrites: With the failed security state of the nation, any attempt to tackle security issues in Nigeria has to be one of foreign exp…
ANY 2022-05-16 11:30:13
@ELDENRING is there any plans to add cross play so that people from xbox or playstation or pc will be able to play and help each other or something similar?
ANY 2022-05-16 13:00:371.01 1.00 7.62%
ANY 2022-05-16 13:08:06
Sphere 3D Corp.'s quarterly revenue growth rate YoY of -58.90% ranked 3896 out of 5730 companies in our database.

https://t.co/We7EHgqfyW $ANY

🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 https://t.co/gyAPP8IGbQ
ANY 2022-05-16 14:30:24
Any size, any target, I can personalise The 1:1 Diet to suit you!

Speak to me.

#One2OneDiet https://t.co/8qqEL49orj
ANY 2022-05-16 14:30:24
RT @MoveTheWorldUS: Eating plant-based is the simplest, but the most effective, single action any one of us can take to end factory farming.
ANY 2022-05-16 14:30:25
RT @whtbllnking: @WhoWouldWinShow @JamesGavsie @AlmightyRay @volobos @GeekToMeRadio @GeekVibesNation @pheltzcomics @WolverSteve @CBNostalgi…
ANY 2022-05-16 14:30:25
Has TPLF openly declared war?! YES! Any global media covered?! NO! It is all about protecting terrorist TPLF! #UnityForEthiopia
Ethiopia worked relentlessly for peace but TPLF does not know peace! @SenBobCasey @SenWhitehouse
@SenToomey @SenJackReed @SenatorTimScott @GrahamBlog
ANY 2022-05-16 14:30:26
@DrOz Do you have any platforms of your own you can tell us about or are you following Trumpism of nothing just gaslighting supporters for donations to go into their pockets before it gets to their families and friends, than they throw the pennies to the working class and poor. https://t.co/d3YuIvJSVo
ANY 2022-05-16 14:30:26
it's weird how even with 16.3k followers, my tweets barely get any traction or engagements. am i shadowbanned or something or is twitter deliberately withholding my tweets from my followers? hmmmm
ANY 2022-05-16 15:00:241.03 1.02 0.00%
ANY 2022-05-16 16:00:391.05 1.00 7.92%
ANY 2022-05-16 16:33:10
Also, if you are new to $ANY here's a background article on Finpedia for you https://t.co/ErXLVhCS8O
ANY 2022-05-16 16:36:02
🚨 Sphere 3D Corp. filed a 6-K SEC filing mentioning #Bitcoin
➡️ https://t.co/Rlno1IUVP9
ANY 2022-05-16 16:36:04
🚨 Sphere 3D Corp. filed a 6-K SEC filing mentioning #Bitcoin
➡️ https://t.co/42UUv4g6Bw
ANY 2022-05-16 16:37:53
Form 6-K (report of foreign issuer [rules 13a-16 and 15d-16]) filed with the SEC $ANY https://t.co/fC8ZPfyGtQ
ANY 2022-05-16 16:38:02
$ANY SEC Filing 6-K filed: [rename] In connection with the short-form amalgamation, the Company changed its name to 'Sphere 3D Corp.' Any..

ANY 2022-05-16 16:51:48
RT @SECAlerts2: 🚨 Sphere 3D Corp. filed a 6-K SEC filing mentioning #Bitcoin
➡️ https://t.co/Rlno1IUVP9
ANY 2022-05-16 17:00:101.04 1.00 7.92%
ANY 2022-05-16 17:30:27
RT @TrippinApeNFT: “Ok, Mr. Tree, I swear I won't pluck any more bananas off you... Now will you please stop staring at me like that?”

3 W…
ANY 2022-05-16 17:30:27
RT @PitsOffPercs: You’re Still Early👀

Any interaction with this tweet will be considered for WL🤝

#SolanaNFTs #Solana #NFTdrop https://t.c…
ANY 2022-05-16 17:30:28
RT @TheRealCEOAmber: Someone just told me about this option. Both goalkeeper to touch the ball in 5 mins? Who have tried it. Please I need…
ANY 2022-05-16 17:30:28
RT @MetaverseAdidas: The Metaverse has never looked better.

Claim your own Adidas Avatar for free (if you are a holder of any top 50 NFT c…
ANY 2022-05-16 19:00:441.09 1.07 7.92%
ANY 2022-05-16 20:00:250.00 0.00 7.92%
ANY 2022-05-16 20:30:14
@Tristan71609588 @FortniteGame Isnt that any game devs goal? I mean the end goal is to make as much proffit as possible. Some games are definitely more subtle about it but im sure you play other games that are money hungry too. I mean take any EA sport game as a notorious example.
ANY 2022-05-16 20:30:14
3. Product challenge page: This is one reasons why till tomorrow 72IG will always be the best selling product on Expertnaire because boss @toyinomotoso is very smart. I have not seen any vendor challenge that beats 72IG and challenges brings out the best in all affiliates.
ANY 2022-05-16 20:30:15
emphasis on explanation and not excuse cause even in the 2010s when that shit was peaking there wasnt any reasonable excuse for it, let alone in current times
ANY 2022-05-16 20:30:15
@KunyFaith @SurferYoda @DarnelSugarfoo And look at the date of publication. It’s from 2006! That’s 16 years ago! Is there any solid, tangible, objective evidence demonstrating that this particular practice is still ongoing?
ANY 2022-05-16 20:30:16
RT @_Silvertone: Heya! I'm opening this month's batch of comms now, but I can't take large renders since i'm going on a mandatory trip😅gonn…
ANY 2022-05-16 20:30:16
i wanna be with this girl but even if that happens idk if gonna feel any better in the grand scheme of things. i still feel like a terrible person no matter what i do
ANY 2022-05-16 23:00:131.08 0.96 -3.81%

ANY 2022-05-17 04:00:431.08 0.96 -4.00%
ANY 2022-05-17 05:00:301.08 0.94 -4.00%
ANY 2022-05-17 06:00:211.08 1.03 -4.00%
ANY 2022-05-17 06:10:02
🚨 Sphere 3D Corp. filed a 6-K SEC filing mentioning #Bitcoin
➡️ https://t.co/jN4dBCUSX4
ANY 2022-05-17 06:10:39
$ANY 📜 SEC Form 6-K filed by Sphere 3D Corp.


45 seconds delayed.
ANY 2022-05-17 06:15:13
New Form 6-K entry filed by $ANY Sphere 3D Corp. https://t.co/Ok2LUkeAZH
ANY 2022-05-17 08:00:551.08 1.01 -4.00%
ANY 2022-05-17 09:00:161.06 1.00 -4.00%
ANY 2022-05-17 09:23:06
Also, if you are new to $ANY here's a background article on Finpedia for you https://t.co/ErXLVhCS8O
ANY 2022-05-17 10:00:131.03 1.01 -4.00%
ANY 2022-05-17 11:00:281.00 0.99 -4.00%
ANY 2022-05-17 12:00:271.02 1.01 -4.00%
ANY 2022-05-17 13:00:261.03 1.02 -4.00%
ANY 2022-05-17 14:00:211.04 1.03 -4.00%
ANY 2022-05-17 15:00:141.06 1.04 -4.00%
ANY 2022-05-17 16:00:141.06 1.03 -4.00%
ANY 2022-05-17 17:00:121.07 1.03 -4.00%
ANY 2022-05-17 19:00:391.08 0.96 -3.81%
ANY 2022-05-17 20:00:380.00 0.00 -3.81%
ANY 2022-05-17 22:00:301.07 1.03 1.94%

ANY 2022-05-18 04:00:121.07 1.03 1.90%
ANY 2022-05-18 05:00:291.06 1.00 1.90%
ANY 2022-05-18 06:00:171.04 1.00 1.90%
ANY 2022-05-18 07:00:321.07 1.00 1.90%
ANY 2022-05-18 10:00:151.08 1.07 1.90%
ANY 2022-05-18 11:00:311.10 1.09 1.90%
ANY 2022-05-18 12:00:301.05 1.04 1.90%
ANY 2022-05-18 13:00:261.06 1.05 1.90%
ANY 2022-05-18 14:00:361.02 1.00 1.90%
ANY 2022-05-18 15:00:121.03 1.02 1.90%
ANY 2022-05-18 16:00:171.04 1.01 1.90%
ANY 2022-05-18 17:00:161.08 1.02 1.90%
ANY 2022-05-18 19:00:271.07 1.03 1.94%
ANY 2022-05-18 20:00:160.00 0.00 1.94%
ANY 2022-05-18 22:00:271.08 1.02 -2.88%

ANY 2022-05-19 04:00:351.08 1.02 -2.91%
ANY 2022-05-19 05:00:171.10 0.96 -2.91%
ANY 2022-05-19 06:00:251.09 0.97 -2.91%
ANY 2022-05-19 09:00:541.08 1.03 -2.91%
ANY 2022-05-19 10:00:351.04 1.03 -2.91%
ANY 2022-05-19 11:00:471.09 1.08 -2.91%
ANY 2022-05-19 12:00:321.10 1.09 -2.91%
ANY 2022-05-19 13:00:591.08 1.07 -2.91%
ANY 2022-05-19 15:00:301.08 1.02 -2.88%
ANY 2022-05-19 16:00:441.08 1.06 -2.91%
ANY 2022-05-19 19:00:271.08 1.02 -2.88%
ANY 2022-05-19 20:00:240.00 0.00 -2.91%
ANY 2022-05-19 22:00:201.07 1.06 2.88%

ANY 2022-05-20 04:01:011.07 1.06 2.80%
ANY 2022-05-20 05:00:121.11 1.04 2.80%
ANY 2022-05-20 07:00:141.14 1.04 2.80%
ANY 2022-05-20 08:00:491.10 1.09 2.80%
ANY 2022-05-20 09:01:051.11 1.09 2.80%
ANY 2022-05-20 10:00:131.06 1.05 2.80%
ANY 2022-05-20 11:00:141.02 1.01 2.80%
ANY 2022-05-20 12:00:311.00 0.99 2.80%
ANY 2022-05-20 13:00:120.97 0.96 2.80%
ANY 2022-05-20 14:00:230.98 0.96 2.80%
ANY 2022-05-20 15:00:290.97 0.97 2.80%
ANY 2022-05-20 16:00:201.00 0.97 2.80%
ANY 2022-05-20 17:00:271.01 0.98 2.80%
ANY 2022-05-20 18:00:131.02 0.97 2.80%
ANY 2022-05-20 19:00:261.07 1.06 2.88%
ANY 2022-05-20 20:00:120.00 0.00 2.88%
ANY 2022-05-20 22:00:131.01 0.97 -7.41%
ANY 2022-05-20 23:30:05
RT @Primatesnft: Dripping down to the toes in streetwear fits🥶

Any interaction with this tweet will be considered for WL ✨ https://t.co/tY…
ANY 2022-05-20 23:30:05
RT @co__txt: >the sexy news reporter or chief of police dont get any porn but the fucking wolf gets several hundred entries on paheal
I fuc…
ANY 2022-05-20 23:30:06
RT @Primatesnft: Dripping down to the toes in streetwear fits🥶

Any interaction with this tweet will be considered for WL ✨ https://t.co/tY…
ANY 2022-05-20 23:30:06
We are not getting any younger. We won't be able to work w/ the same intensity we hv while we are still young. We all age and our strength and energy slowly withers away. Sacrifice a portion of ur income today and in exchange, it will secure ur retirement days in the future. https://t.co/6Ky9yytgJs
ANY 2022-05-20 23:30:07
RT @Chyrenson: Whether intoxicated by alcohol, sulfa, opium, heroin etc., etc., it will become the cause of your destruction.
It is not me…
ANY 2022-05-20 23:30:07
@aesvrse any
ANY 2022-05-20 23:30:08
RT @MiaStrips: You have any Idea how naughty my shows and my followers are? 😈🍑

If you haven't we are doing a live show right now babe, joi…
ANY 2022-05-20 23:30:08
@mabukono__heya リプライ失礼します❕❕❕


@kkkkkkkkkk_ja kkkkkkkkkk_ja https://t.co/jDeM6GM7IJ

ANY 2022-05-21 07:34:04
https://t.co/z41oae3riy Sphere 3D Corp. [0/7] #valueinvesting #valueinvesting #invertirenvalor
ANY 2022-05-21 07:34:05
Sphere 3D Corp. se involucra en la provisión de soluciones de contenedorización, virtualización y gestión de datos a través de la nube híbrida, la nube y las implementaciones in ... [1/7]
ANY 2022-05-21 12:42:07
Sphere 3D Corp.'s quarterly revenue growth rate YoY of -58.90% ranked 3884 out of 5722 companies in our database.

https://t.co/We7EHgqfyW $ANY

🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 https://t.co/1HquFNFxCq
ANY 2022-05-21 17:23:02
Sphere 3D Corp.'s quarterly revenue growth rate YoY of -58.90% ranked 3884 out of 5722 companies in our database.

https://t.co/K5JmnBnzye $ANY

ANY 2022-05-23 02:30:01
RT @hectorishurt: normalize letting me talk without making any sense
ANY 2022-05-23 02:30:01
RT @dockaurG: There has never been any time throughout history when those censoring information have been the good guys. Never.
ANY 2022-05-23 02:30:02
RT @DaylightEs365: What if you could play ,,,
ALL AAA games on any computer .....
Turn your computer into an ATM when your Not using it
ANY 2022-05-23 02:30:02
@bkex_jm Do you have any suggestions?
ANY 2022-05-23 02:30:03
@Abcdyxz0123 @MsFrancyAgain91 @MingukMeera @btslove_6137 @bubundun @Jaredathenea @vktaekoo Because he doesn't any gai rumor in Korea all the stuff about him being gai only comes from international fans nothing from Korean fans there are some idols who are speculated by Koreans to be gai because they were seen at gai bars or lgbt places and for acting in bl and
ANY 2022-05-23 02:30:03
RT @crewsni: hi, im cici and im looking for interactive engene moots or any fandoms will do. likes and rts are highly appreciated. thank yo…
ANY 2022-05-23 02:30:04
RT @SamaidenGroup: Now, it is your turn to take action! Now or later, convert to solar with us and join our other clients in helping to sav…
ANY 2022-05-23 02:30:04
@Jacky16135936 @BunniesNHomies Hello sorry for the inconvenience. This is the Bunnies N Homie Club Support Team. We apologize for any inconvenience. Kindly send a direct message for all enquiry and to resolve any issue you are experiencing.

ANY 2022-05-23 05:30:00
Although #Gemini are talkative and able to express themselves clearly, they can go silent and be weird at any given moment.
ANY 2022-05-23 05:30:00
France has come out a winner in creating a start-up nation under President Emmanuel Macron. But does a national strategy make sense any more or should we be looking for European-wide policies? @RosannaCooney reports. https://t.co/hJa5R9S6Ps
ANY 2022-05-23 05:30:01
@endclasssociety When someone is class-collaborationist and they want to hide that their "feminism" is class-collaborationist, they'll invariably resort to the highest forms of identity opportunism to deflect & avoid any principled criticisms coming their way by proletarian victims of patriarchy.
ANY 2022-05-23 05:30:01
@vanshbansal228 @rajasthanroyals @yuzi_chahal @ashwinravi99 @ObedCMcCoy @ParagRiyan @navdeepsaini96 Bro he has scored 34 runs in T20s he plays at no11 he cannot bat above 10 in this team. He is a good bowler and I hope no team needs a there no11 batsman in a T20 match! I couldn't find any video that's why asked!
ANY 2022-05-23 05:30:02
RT @Ebubechi_GMi: 5x Whitelist for @MonstaScientist
3x Whitelist For @SecretAlphaLabs

To Enter:
-Like,Rt and Tag 4 of your Friends
ANY 2022-05-23 05:30:02
RT @Saducktiv: My father's cousin died a few months ago. He was on death bed from a year. He has 6 daughters. He had no govt job so no pens…
ANY 2022-05-23 08:30:16
RT @CGTNOfficial: Denmark has reported its first monkeypox case, the Health Ministry said in a statement on Monday.

An adult male who had…
ANY 2022-05-23 08:30:16
Documenting #newerwave lives on Normal Island, in THIS age! Tell ya what, though, wouldn't have it any other way. Absolutely humbled by the talented friends & strangers woven into #TheZineUK doc's tapestry. Stay tuned, observe as the stars twinkle HARD! https://t.co/9cQZ5Pqdv4
ANY 2022-05-23 08:30:17
@morozovasslag I had no idea what I was getting myself into but I've just decided any time I watch TROS that it's all fine because literally any fix-it fic is actually canon in my mind and in my heart 😤
ANY 2022-05-23 08:30:17
RT @laurenboebert: No one quite knows what is going to be in the WHO Treaty, but unless it abolishes the WHO, I don’t want any part of it.
ANY 2022-05-23 08:30:18
RT @__doodie3: Any Day Could Be Yo Last I Can’t Let A Nigga Take Me🦍 https://t.co/kT5Xialz90
ANY 2022-05-23 08:30:18
RT @dantalyn: took a fit pic at his boys funeral it doesn t get any realer than that
ANY 2022-05-23 09:00:281.05 0.97 -8.08%
ANY 2022-05-23 10:00:260.99 0.97 -8.08%
ANY 2022-05-23 11:00:200.98 0.98 -8.08%
ANY 2022-05-23 12:00:161.01 1.00 -8.08%
ANY 2022-05-23 16:00:191.02 0.98 -8.08%
ANY 2022-05-23 17:00:141.03 0.99 -8.08%
ANY 2022-05-23 18:01:481.03 0.98 -8.08%
ANY 2022-05-23 19:00:211.01 0.97 -7.41%
ANY 2022-05-23 20:00:270.00 0.00 -7.41%
ANY 2022-05-23 20:30:04
Alright so: thoughts (as if I had any, haha)
The conversion was SUPER hot, and now more than ever I'm really happy how that file turned out.
The first night was great! The first day was fine! The second day...things started to bog down.
ANY 2022-05-23 20:30:04
RT @laurenboebert: Klaus Schwab: "The future is being built by us."

Take it from me, you don’t want to be a part of ANY FUTURE designed by…
ANY 2022-05-23 20:30:05
Welcome To The Future #WWDC22 we're just two weeks away can you believe it so got any plans @tim_cook
ANY 2022-05-23 20:30:05
RT @AlphaTopWolf22: I need some PUUUUUSSSSSYYYYYY!!!!
Am I reaching for the stars here?!
It’s been 8 hours without any fuckhole to stretc…
ANY 2022-05-23 20:30:06
Miami hasn’t been picked to win by any analyst the last 3 games. 1-seeded Underdog, we move!
ANY 2022-05-23 20:30:06
And, no.

I still can't really fathom any team making an acceptable trade offer for Patrick Wisdom.

The Cubs would likely want a very valid prospect, and I don't see a realistic LCS contender considering Wisdom an upgrade at third.
ANY 2022-05-23 20:30:07
RT @enha_myhome: [day 8]

Hi! I'm K new to stan twitter, she/her im looking for engene,moa,once,army (any fandom) moots kindly rt and like…
ANY 2022-05-23 20:30:07
Anyways...if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. I don't know if I'll do something like this again, but who knows? I might, I might not.
ANY 2022-05-23 22:00:151.03 0.97 -0.99%

ANY 2022-05-24 05:00:221.05 0.96 -0.99%
ANY 2022-05-24 07:01:081.00 0.97 -0.99%
ANY 2022-05-24 08:00:291.00 0.98 -0.99%
ANY 2022-05-24 10:00:140.94 0.93 -0.99%
ANY 2022-05-24 12:00:140.95 0.94 -0.99%

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